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Hi thank you for calling Company on a recorded line, my name is Susan how can I help you. Hi, I need helping choosing an insurance plan. No problem I can help you with that. Can I ask what your name is please? Sure its George. Hi George what are you looking for? I am looking for insurance for me and my wife. Ok George in order to look up plans for you and your wife I need to ask you a few questions is that okay? Sure. Great first what is your zip code? 91210. Great thank you how old are you? 54. Great thank you how much will your yearly income be this year? Fifty three thousand. Great and how old is your wife? 53. Great thank you George I’m just going to pull up a few options here. It looks like you qualify for a generous federal subsidy and can get a silver plan for only one dollar. Does that sound good? It sure does. Great I’ll transfer you to our enrollment department who will help with your enrollment and answer any questions you have. Is there anything else I can help you with? No thats it thanks. Great thank you George.

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